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Meriah + Jordan

There’s just something special about the country. Everything seems to happen at a slower pace… there’s less pressure of “performance”…everybody knows everybody…no stop lights…. no traffic. I love where we live and where our kids will grow up. It feels safe and comfortable, and now that I’ve grown up and experienced the world outside of that community, I’m realizing just how rare it was. Meriah and Jordan have know eachother since they were in their teens.... seriously BABIES! Its been amazing to see these two become parents to two beautiful baby boys, buying their first home and now becoming HUSBAND and WIFE! This is just the beginning!! Welcome to the old-married-people club!!!! Enjoy the beginning of this new adventure!!!!

Can you believe this is in their pretty and perfect!

Jordan tearing up watching Meriah walk down towards him was just the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

The rain didn't stop these two CONGRATS!

I can not get over how nice the everyone in their bridal party looked!

Beautiful cake made by the fabulous Sweet Tooth Pastries by Kate

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Forrester!

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