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Dave + Michelle

Dave and Michelle's beautiful had a beautiful July Wedding. The week leading up to Saturday was calling for CRAZY amounts of rain, thunderstorms and humid hot weather.

We showed up on the wedding day and the sprinkles were starting to fall. We brushed it off as nothing and prayed that the 50-60% chance of rain that we had seen on the forecast would dissipate and the sun would make an appearance! That didn’t happen. The exact opposite happened. As I was photographing details outside of the bridal suite, the heavens opened up and the rain came pouring down. It wasn’t just a little spritz…. it seemed like it was setting in and my heart sank. Dave and Michelle had picked the most amazing venue for their wedding day their very own private property. All morning it poured and poured but 10 minutes before their outdoor ceremony the skies cleared up and gave everyone a beautifully overcast afternoon. We had just minutes of glow and it was GLORIOUS!!! It totally made their collection of portraits feel complete and exactly what I hoped for for them!!!

Thank goodness for the big white tent set up for their reception because just before dinner ... (Which was AMAZING - Food truck Style) Everyones phones alarms starting going off with a tornado WARNING! Thank the lord no tornado touched down near the reception! (Matt and I saw one on our drive home and we've never but so scared!!)

What an honor to be the ones to capture their day!!! Matt and I loved getting to meet Dave and Michelle’s families, celebrate alongside of them and document their love!!! Enjoy my favorites... so far!

Congratulations to the Newest Mr. & Mrs. VandenHeuvel!

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