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Kennedy + Alex

Ohh 2020 .... what can I say you've been a year to remember! Kennedy and Alex were to get married May 30th 2020 ... but COVID had other plans. With the help from some amazing friends and family (and the opening of phase two) They planned their wedding in TWO weeks!


Kennedy and Alex are two of the most kind, caring and loving people Matt and I have ever met. I remember meeting Kennedy for the first time and wondering if she was really that happy and charismatic all the time? ... well after getting to know her more I quickly realized that the JOY that exuded from her was coming straight from her heart and that she was truly one of the most personable and happy people I have ever met. It was an absolute joy to be with Alex and Kennedy on their wedding day this past Saturday! They were married on a family property that has this amazing ... and I mean AMAZING pond!

Look at these hand made bridesmaid flowers!

Kennedy and Alex you are an incredible couple. Your love for one another and for other people was shinning so brightly thought your entire wedding day. We thank can't thank you enough for allowing us to be the ones to save the memories of your BIG day!

Enjoy Married life!

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