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Peter + Kayla

Peter and Kayla had a destination wedding planned in Mexico earlier this year Unfortunately the world had other plans. But these two wonderful people who have been together for 10 YEARS decided on a magical, intimate wedding in their own backyard.

The rain started to come down it started as sprinkles but than turned quickly into a downpour and we were all a little worried, but Kayla didn't care she was READY to get married and a little rain wasn't going to get in the way! I feel like the weather on Peter and Kaylas wedding day was such a representation of life. there will be storms but the sun always comes back out again. Their beautiful day was just a small piece of all the beautiful adventures they will experience as husband and wife! I love this sweet family and I loved being the one that got to capture just one part of their love story!

Kayla you were stunning!

Surrounded by their parents, grandparents and siblings they said there vows under a canopy of umbrellas! It rained and rained but you would never be able to know with how happy Kayla was.

As they were pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Corrado for the first time everyone celebrated with a bubble exit!

Peters brothers and sisters!

Kayla and her sister Kacey were so much fun!

You are honest to god MODELS!

Congratulations Kayla and Peter, I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

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